Creating great experiences is tough. It’s easy to identify them (especially when they’re happening to you), but so much goes into the delightful and effective experience. A typical company is a wasp’s nest of competing personalities, departmental politics, twisted organizational dynamics and lack of coordination and proper incentive and reward systems. It’s a miracle that even mediocre experiences are planned and released into the general population. But great ones? Tough. Hats off to those who deliver.

With this blog, I’ll identify great, and lacking, experiences. I’ll write about the challenges that businesses face in bringing experiences to life. You’ll also find:

  • Observations and critiques on prospect and customer experiences. I’ll look at both digital experiences and those “out in the world.” I’ll study web interaction design, mobile apps, cross-channel experience architecture, acquisition and conversion tactics, customer service innovations, and bright moments in customer care and relationship marketing.
  • A discussion of strategic and tactical opportunities that companies can take to improve the quality of their interactions with customers and prospective customers.
  • Specific examples of great interaction design.
  • Proposed solutions to nagging user experience problems from ecommerce sites to social experiences to relationship marketing programs and probably then some.
  • Hot topics relevant to clients I’m currently working with (you may not know who they are, but I’ll be posting issues relevant for them)—could be online advertising innovations, interaction design trends, novel experience strategy approaches, smart business models.

Here’s to creating and honoring great experiences that bring joy, relief, satisfaction, opportunity—and getting the lost ones back on track.